Born in 1962 in Brittany, in the west of France, Alain Choisnet nourished his passion for sculpture and the repurposing of objects since his childhood. Over the years, after exploring realistic formalization using various materials and creating monumental montages, the artist evolved towards a deeper expression, now communicating a message imbued with emotion and sensitivity. This artistic transition highlights his maturity and his commitment to evoking more complex narratives through his work, thus marking his creative journey and his contribution to contemporary art.


His artistic approach goes beyond simple visual creation; it aims to inspire calm and serenity in the viewer. Alain Choisnet, in particular, stands out for his ability to represent femininity with a subtle combination of modesty and sensuality.


Alain Choisnet's sculptures pay an authentic tribute to feminine beauty, brilliantly capturing gestures, emotions and attitudes. Each of his works expresses a natural charm which provides a particular emotion, combining sensuality, refinement and an obvious impregnation of life.


Each sculpture captures a moment of life, suspended in time, a story that the work seems to want to delicately share. These creations are not simply frozen representations, but rather invitations to prolong these moments by contemplating them. In short, Alain Choisnet's sculptures reveal themselves as an ode to life, sublimating the timeless beauty of women through the admirable mastery of this noble material that is bronze.


The works presented here are the result of meticulous work on the part of the artist, whose know-how is attested by his collaboration with the prestigious Daum crystal factory. From clay modeling to the foundry process, every detail is carefully considered to immortalize and magnify the initial work.



Alain Choisnet's bronze sculptures are among some of the most beautiful collections of contemporary art around the world. During exhibitions, whether collective or individual, the artist always favors direct contact with visitors. In order to facilitate the acquisition of his works, an online store is accessible on this website.