A code of ethics, adopted by the Founders of France in 1993, precisely defines the conditions under which bronzes can be edited.

This reference document defines, in particular, what an "original" is, and under what conditions it can be edited, what markings a bronze sculpture must have, how to distinguish the artist proofs from the other originals or what is exactly a "bronze of art":



"When it is produced under the name of "ORIGINAL", any work of art made of molten metal alloy can be realized, according to the current regulation, with the maximum number of 12 copies, even if the composition or the color of the alloy used are not the same for each of the 12 pieces. Among these originals, four, called "Artist proofs", must be numbered EA I / IV, EA II / IV, EA III / IV, EA IV / IV in Roman numerals, the other 8 will be numbered 1/8, 2 / 8 etc. in Arabic numerals..."


"... it is possible to produce a number of originals less than 12, the choice of this number must then be determined, irrevocably, by the artist, before the first cast."


..."When the quantity, predetermined by the artist is reached, it can not be exceeded in any case."


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According to this code each sculpture created and delivered by the sculptor Alain Choisnet is an original collector's item, signed and certified authentic.


On the base of the sculpture you will find his name, the number of the exemplary, the seal of the founder and the year of the cast. 


You will receive an invoice which will constitute a permanent record of the sale and which will serve to assure the artwork. The invoice alone can be used as a certificate for your sculpture.


As additional proof, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with the description of your sculpture and signed by the artist.


Invoice and COA will be sent in the same time but separately from the sculpture shipment.